Western provides asset management services to private investment funds, separate accounts (such as pension funds and insurance companies) and other institutional investors. We take a thematic approach to real estate investing. By leveraging the information made available to us from business units across the firm, subject to legal or regulatory considerations, we identify industry and demographic trends to invest behind. We invest in both assets and platforms. And given the flexibility of our capital, we have grown into a global provider of equity and debt capital across real estate investment strategies.

The investment programs employed by Western are all fully systematic and cover multiple styles, strategies, asset-classes, geographies and time horizons. Diversification is a hallmark of Western’s approach. Our team adheres to a rigorous research process utilizing the latest technology to apply the scientific method to alpha discovery, development and innovation.

Western provides a full range of commercial real estate asset management services and we provide services that are designed to enhance the performance and value of our clients’ real estate holdings. Western’s battle tested experience through several challenging real estate cycles provides the expertise to fully analyze the risk and understand the opportunity for each of our managed investments. We are uniquely qualified to develop, implement and execute a clearly defined strategy to provide substantial value enhancement to our managed investment activities. As a result, our managed real estate investments frequently outperform industry benchmarks.