Western Real Estate Advisory Group is the real estate investment management arm of Western Consolidated. Western Real Estate Advisory Group is responsible for providing strategic direction, administration, and management support services for real estate portfolio management, asset business strategies, capital allocation, portfolio analysis, asset valuations, pricing policy, occupancy administration, and property utilization and disposal.

The advisory group is responsible for maximizing the value of client’s portfolio of owned and leased assets by developing national strategies and serving as a consultant to the regions. These annual and long-term strategies are developed based on the goals and objectives of the client and balance competing stakeholder objectives.

The advisory group provides national guidance on asset-related pricing policy, provides valuation services, develops asset management strategies (asset business plans, asset performance measurements and targets, strategies to improve asset performance, benchmarking of portfolio and asset performance), develops national capital investment strategies and criteria, and promotes optimal investment decisions for acquisition, construction, renovation, leasing, utilization and disposition activities.

The Advisory Group is unified by two groups within Western Consolidated:

Western Portfolio Management is responsible for managing and optimizing the financial performance of the portfolio of leased and owned assets while meeting owner objectives and customer expectations and needs throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Western Real Estate Portfolio Management is also responsible for developing new, or adapting from the private sector, tools such as Asset Business Plans, Occupancy Agreement software, decision analysis methodologies, and capital investment strategies that enable regions to manage individual assets in ways that serve long-term portfolio management goals.

Western Real Estate Portfolio Management coordinates with the Western Principal Partners in developing and managing automated tools; e.g., the System for Tracking and Administering Real Property (STAR) and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Integrated Facilities Management (CIFM) software.

Western Real Estate Portfolio Management includes the following divisions:

  • Pricing Policy and Tools
  • Capital Allocation
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Occupancy Administration

Western Principal Partners, your business is our business. Our customer-centric approach positions our staff to understand the unique mission drivers of your current and future operations. This knowledge helps us to foster alignment of Western resources to your business challenges and deliver value in terms important to you.

Establishing strategic relationships throughout your organizations enables us to learn about your business objectives and craft innovative workplace solutions to fulfill them. This outreach is conducted via our coordinated approach working in conjunction with a network of internal team members in various business lines. Infusing intelligence and insight about your assets into all aspects of our business helps us to become a more strategic and proactive partner; creating a climate for our mutual success.

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