Western reviews each asset with an owner’s mindset

Western provides commercial professional asset and property management services and prides itself on timely, consistent and comprehensive communication with both clients and tenants in the following ways:

Property Review and Inventory

A complete review of the property is performed, including an evaluation of the property’s physical condition and appearance, a checklist of value added recommendations is then provided that will enhance the appearance and value of the asset.

Service Contract Management

We ensure that contractors perform both effectively and economically. We review all service contracts to ensure the fees charged and services provided fulfill the requirements of the property. We leverage our size and our long-standing relationships to obtain the best prices from our vendors and suppliers.

Tenant Relations

Tenant relations drive our approach to management. Our property managers meet regularly with our tenants. Our goal is to obtain feedback on our performance and to determine how we may better serve our tenants’ changing interests. This helps us maintain and exceed our 95% tenant retention ratio.

Asset Management

Western provides a full range of commercial real estate asset management services and we provide services that are designed to enhance the performance and value of our clients’ real estate holdings. These services include debt analysis, cost reduction analysis, insurance, utilities, energy management, service contracts, lease administration and strategic portfolio reviews.

Our team is committed to one objective: maximizing the value of our clients real estate assets without compromising the quality or market perception of the assets. To meet this objective, we create and protect value with a focus on revenue enhancement, operational efficiency, accounting management and service excellence.

Western takes a strong “hands on”, full service approach to property and asset management by:

  • Inspecting each property regularly.
  • Regular review meetings and site visits with tenants and vendors.
  • Employing trained experienced maintenance engineers who perform a multitude of services including mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.
  • Providing on-site management and technical personnel.
  • Providing 24-hour on-call service.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database for service calls.
  • Producing and maintaining comprehensive budget information.
  • Producing accurate and timely monthly reports including operating expense summaries and variance reports.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive summary of all equipment and systems.
  • Producing and maintaining a comprehensive Operational and Maintenance (O&M) Manual.
  • Implementing a complete preventive maintenance program embedded in the annual operational calendar.
  • Providing a comprehensive lease administration program.

We manage our client’s property in the same manner that we manage our own properties with an emphasis on improving the bottom line and investment return of each asset.

Property Management

Western offers professional property management services developed to reduce the time owner’s spend with tenant and property management issues. We protect our clients investment by ensuring each property is well maintained, a maximum occupancy level is attained and we save our clients money through streamlined, cost-effective management services.

Our professional property management team provides comprehensive services that include:

  • Personal service and prompt response by experienced property managers designated to solve tenant and owner issues quickly, efficiently and in the best interest of both parties.
  • Tenant screening and placement to ensure high occupancy, a steady source of income, and reduced credit loss.
  • Accounting services and administrative support to handle the most complex Landlord-Tenant issues.
  • Property maintenance, repair and construction management; providing a healthy, productive, aesthetically pleasing workplace environment.
  • 24-hour maintenance support to insure tenant satisfaction and retention.
  • Cost-conscious culture – we scrutinize expenditures as if they were our own.
  • Our firm is not a large firm nor is it a small one – we regulate the size of our portfolio so that we can be nimble enough for the principals of our firm to continually be involved in every account.
  • Mid-Stream Cost Analysis – to analyze the cost/benefit of any property improvements.

Construction Management

Western provides construction management services for everything from tenant improvements to ground-up development and redevelopment of commercial real estate projects. We strive to represent our clients as partners, and we maintain the highest level of integrity and attention to detail in the industry.

Western’s senior executive has over 40 years in combined development and construction experience. Has built strong relationships with dozens of regional design firms, contractors, engineers, consultants, and subcontractors – all to the benefit our clients.